Choosing the Right Backpack

Choosing the Right Backpack for Your Needs Can Save Your Body and Equipment from a Severe Beating.

Choosing the right backpack can seem easy, but in hind sight I learned a very crucial lesson recently and found myself in desperate need. Backpacks today are designed with many styles and designs that can fit many different needs. Those needs ignored on my part caused me agony. Had I looked at my needs for the situation I would have saved myself many hours of agony.

I have never been a person for traditional suitcases. When I travel I like to travel light and usually pack a backpack for my trip. This makes life easier for me because I can distinguish my bag from the others and I am not carrying bulky items. On a trip recently I carried an oversize duffel bag. This bag had one strap and a wide base. Since this was a slightly longer trip I packed it a little heavier than normal.

Little did I know that I was going to have to carry this bag for 2 miles while walking the streets of Chicago. Up and down stairs, changing from train to train, and in the end we still had a 6 block walk to our hotel room. By the time we arrived I could barely hold the bag up let alone myself. My muscles ached and I had strap rash on my shoulder. My bag had taken such a beating on this horrid walk that it had started to rip around the straps and I was left holding this thing together.

My 2 colleagues only chuckled and held their tongue as they walked along with me with a smaller compact bag that had wheels and a handle built in. No strain or excess on them. I know they felt pity for me but with such a long walk through the city they were not about to offer help either.

2 very important lessons I learned on this trip were:

* The bag although unique looking did not fit my needs. The one single strap was not enough for the pressure to balance in my body. I was leaning constantly and my body ached from the excess weight.
* The bag was not fit for the type of travel I was doing. The constant bouncing caused my bag to rip around the straps because although a duffel bag it was not large enough to carry this weight for several miles. Causing me to have to tape it together with duct tape for the trip home.

What I should have done is researched and I would have found that there are not only better equipped quality bags to fit my needs, but would have made my body less stressed. The right equipment and bag would have enabled me to either balance the weight evenly on my shoulders creating less weight to one side of my body, or would have given me the wheels and handle needed to pull the weight along.

The sad truth is I am not the only one to make these types of decisions with backpacks. It is certainly one I am not going to make in the future either. Choosing the right bag is not only about compartments and space but about functionality for your event. There are so many backpacks designed today to fit your very functionality.

When thinking of buying a backpack for your needs make sure you consider the function you need it for. Save your shoulders and body much agony by not choosing the bag that is right for what your needs are. Consider the consolidation of space and how to best utilize this equipment that will be easy on your body and still give you style.